Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why when I look at the American series, when I listen to the specialists (psychological and different), when I read specialized books, I have the impression who the life of the other teenagers is with thousand places of the mienne? Am I insane or it is them which are mistaken on all the line?
Help me to find an answer.Here true life of a 15 year old boy…
All began the 1er June, first day of my blog.Undoubtedly it would be preferable that you start with there.

NickelSince it is with the college of the rich person, Crocheton it changed. Y' has tricks which became important for him. Crocheton does not want to be different from the different one. Crocheton it wants beautiful clothes.
Crocheton it says that ché edge nêm pisar cha. And I tell him "hein?". Then it spits in the wash-hand basin and poses its brush with teeth and it repeats that it is nevertheless odd that. And I ask him what it speaks, and it explains me.And I must acknowledge that it is right, it is nevertheless odd that: rich people they are always beautiful.Always.
In the Ines college of Fressange, all people are beautiful. The girls they are fair as in films and everyone has the white teeth as with tele.
There the high-school pupils, in Fressange, they do not have buttons on the face, they do not have –acne Boldo it could ever have gone, with the Ines college of Fressange.
The rich person do not have dreadful glasses. The rich person have so beautiful glasses which you would like to be short-sighted right to have the same ones. Crocheton it says that the rich person, even during the course of sport, they are equipped beautiful. The rich person they are always nickels. The rich person do not have a concern. The rich person smile.Is necessary to say that they have the white teeth. And a scooter. The rich person feel good.


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